Frequently Asked Questions

Q: what is functional medicine?

A: Functional medicine seeks out root causes of illness in order to develop individualized treatment plans and bring the patient back to a state of health. It acknowledges that your human body is a complex of many interrelated parts and systems, and therefore all aspects of your medical history and lifestyle are relevant to your health. Rather than target symptoms and allow underlying problems to linger, the goal of your functional medicine practitioner is to restore true health to your whole body. 

Q: What does dr. emily hecker specialize in?

A: She has a passion for working with patients with MTHFR, preconception and pregnancy care, digestive & autoimmune diseases. These and many other diagnoses can be supported nutritionally. 

Q: What can i expect at my first appointment?

A: At your initial consultation Dr. Emily will take a genuine interest in you as a whole person, respecting that you are unique in your history as well as your genetic makeup. Expect her to treat you with patience and attention during your visit, because getting to know you and your history is crucial to developing an effective treatment plan. We review your health problems and discuss testing options. 

Q: What can i expect at my second appointment?

A: Dr. Emily will explain your diagnostic test with you and you will receive your personalized plan of action. 

Q: Whats the next step and how long do i need to be in care?

A: Dr. Emily likes to have a follow up consult every 4-6weeks including required attendance at educational workshops which will make you successful with your results. Expect to commit to three to six months+ of care depending on the complexity of your case. 

Q: Do you take insurance?

A: We are a self-pay office, and do not file for insurance or medicare. After your appointment, we will give diagnosis and CPT codes for you to file with your insurance if needed. 

Q: How much are the appointments?

A:   The first appointment is $300 for 60min, the second appointment is $300 for 60min, follow up care will range from $100 to $300 depending on the type of appointment. Educational Workshops are $87 for 60min. 

Q: What are your testing fees?

A: Testing fees can range between $150 and $2000 depending on your personalize plan of action. 

Q: What are your hours?

A: We are open Monday thru Thursday 9am-3pm Central Standard Time. 

Q: What are Dr. Emily hecker's Credentials?

A: She is a board certified Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Nutritional Consultant. She has over 11 years of clinical experience using Functional Medicine to support her patients. Her updated Bio-data sheet and CV are coming soon. 

Q: How quickly can I get in to see her?

A: This depends but currently you can expect to wait between 2-4 weeks. 

Q: What labs does she use?

A: Specialty labs tests can include stool testing, saliva testing, urine testing, bloodwork, food allergy, hormone, organic acid, and more. We use many specialty lab companies and they vary.

Q: Does she work with patients out of state?

A: Dr. Emily expects to see you physically in the office at your first or second appointment, and after that you can continue care with telemedicine video appointments. 

Q: can i use my hsa or fsa account?

A: Yes, please check with your HR department to confirm. 

Q: do i still need a primary care physican?

A: Yes, we do not provide acute care services and we do not replace the services that your primary care provides. 

Q: i'm ready to get started, what are the next steps?

A: Please call the office at 636-812-3800 to make sure you qualify and to verify our office is a good fit for you.