Nutrigenomics is a very new sector of the health model. Dr. Emily has taken postgraduate training in MTHFR and genomic interpretation, specifically from Dr. Ben Lynch’s Seeking Health Educational Institute. See her provider page on Seeking Health. 


Dr.Emily is proud and passionate to stay on top of the latest research and attend most recent conferences in nutrigenomics. She would be happy to meet with you regarding MTHFR, MTHFR diagnosis, tongue tie, methylation pathways and how to address them using nutrition and lifestyle.


Dr. Emily attends the annual Seeking Health conference held for healthcare practitioners.  SHEICON (Seeking Health Educational Institute) Conference features many keynote speakers and hundreds of physicians from around the world. She has attended all three of the past conferences #SHEICON2015, #SHEICON2016 and #SHEICON2017 and can be seen in this video reviewing Dr. Ben Lynch’s conference. 



How environmental exposures affect long term health and disease. Maternal nutrient supplementation can counteract the negative effects of exposure to chemicals. A tale of two mice


Dr. Emily's Certifications

Foods Rich in Folate Infographic

Dr. Emily meets Suzy Cohen

It was a pleasure to meet Suzy Cohen, Find her review on Suzy Cohen’s youtube channel