Prior to your appointment

When you call Enlighten, you will be warmly greeted by Deanna, our Practice Manager. She will be your main point of contact of the office, and she is excited to get to know you. If you are curious about the process and want to interview Dr. Emily, you will be enocuranced to set up a complimentary 10min meet & greet appointment. If you want to bypass the meet & greet and are excited to set up an Initial Consult, Deanna will get you on the schedule as promptly as Dr. Emily’s schedule allows. 

A note about intake forms

We do require those who wish to have a Meet & Greet to fill out a brief contact form that will be emailed to you. 

For the initial consult, we pride ourselves in the level of detail we require from you. We are honest, it is thorough. We want as much information from you as possible regarding your health history and all health concerns. The most valuable time for a good doctor is gathering the most accurate health history and asking the right questions. The clues of the health puzzle are given by you!

When you are filling out the online forms:

  • You can login and continue them later if you run out of time.
  • Plan around an hour to complete the entire form.
  • At the end of the form, you can opt to print out the entire completed form for your records.
  • You can also opt to print out the blank form and complete it by hand.
  • If you complete by hand, Please scan the forms and email to and
  • All Intake forms are due at least 2 days in advance of your appointment. If your appointment is on a Monday, they are due Friday. This gives Dr. Emily time to review your intake fully and to have well thought out questions for you to optimize the time you are with Dr. Emily. Your time and money are respected here.

Intake forms can also be found HERE if you were unable to get the email:

  • Intake 
  • Monthly Intake
  • Pediatric Intake
  • Chiropractic Intake

A note to patients NOT able to meet in person

Dr. Emily requires you to provide her a copy of notes from your last physical from your primary care doctor. Please work on obtaining these as well as any labwork prior to your day of appointment. She also requires you to email her a profile picture of your head as well as a full body picture to keep in your health records. She will also require monthly updates from you regarding your Blood Pressure, Weight, and updated full body picture. 
Video conferencing is mandatory. She uses uses Google Hangouts or Skype Name: DrEmilyHecker for video. Please look at setting up an account prior to your first appointment. 
Meet & Greets are allowable via phone. 

The Day of 

Make sure you wake up excited and ready! Today is the day you start your new health journey. Be well nourished with food and water, so your brain is functioning optimally. 

If you will be arriving to our office in person:

  • If able, wear stretchy yoga style clothing for access during the physical exam and to get pictures for our health records profile and “before” pictures.
  • We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes early to rest, allow your blood pressure to normalize and if needed, use the restroom which is located just across the hall from Dr. Emily’s office. We like to keep a tight schedule and respect your specific appointment time by staying on time. If you are late, unfortunately it cuts into your valuable time with Dr.Emily. She likes to accomodate you as much as possible but she does operate with booked schedules many days.  
  • We have baskets full of toys if you are bringing your children with you to the appointment.  
  • We will take your picture to use in your electronic health records.
  • We have plenty of filtered water and hot tea selections for you to drink while in the consult with Dr. Emily.

A note to patients NOT able to meet in person

Dr. Emily will contact you via Google Hangouts or Skype when she is finished with the patient before you. 

Upon leaving   

Payment - You will be required to pay at the time of service. If you will be ordering any lab work, we will make sure you leave understanding all of the procedures and if you are ordering bloodwork, we will email you your lab requisition with closest lab locations.

Follow Up - Depending on when you schedule future labwork to be completed, Dr. Emily may chose to get you scheduled for your next appointment that day or wait until we get the lab results back from you. 
You may have been given homework by Dr. Emily to do before your next consult. Please make sure you do it. Be ready for your next consult soon to follow!

Pricing Link to see pdfs:
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Financial Policy pdfs