Meet The Team

Dr. Emily Hecker 


Dr. Emily is a board certified chiropractic physician who is passionate about Functional Medicine. Patients seek her out specifically for nutrigenomic support for those who have a genetic polymorphism for MTHFR. She is proud to offer nutritional consults for her patients.

Her passion for natural health care started when her aviation career required her to work at a desk job, leading to chronic back pain. She was amazed at how a chiropractic physician was able to evaluate her body and tell her where she was unknowingly in pain. After a few adjustments, she was pain-free and never needed pain killers to manage her chronic back pain. As private pilot and meteorologist in her previous career, Dr. Emily discovered the human body was similar to operating an aircraft in a thunderstorm, where everything had to be in balance to function perfectly. After completing her Masters of Business Administration degree she decided to dedicate her life to helping people in the most natural way God would allow by obtaining her doctorate of chiropractic.

She specializes in supporting those with autoimmune diseases, MTHFR polymorphisms, food sensitivities and inflammation. She has had extensive training in understanding the methylation pathways trained by Dr. Ben Lynch, world leader and expert in MTHFR. She has post doctorate training in Functional Endocrinology, Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Neuroimmunology, Thyroid Disorders, Chiropractic Craniopathy, and the Webster Technique. She is an active provider for the Shape ReClaimed anti-inflammatory program and uses a supervised ketogenic approach for weight loss in her practice.

She supports natural childbirth, breastfeeding, parental choice and strives to be your best advocate. Her practice in Ballwin, MO is not limited to patients seeking optimal health, but for those who are struggling with chronic health conditions trying to find an answer.

In her spare time, she values being with her husband, building train tracks with her toddler sons Max and Leo and loving on her two terrier dogs. She enjoys geeking out and reading scientific journals for fun, trying new paleo/ketogenic meals, graphic design (for her creative side) and volunteering in the kids area at her local church.

Deanna Gipperich

Practice Manager

I feel it’s important for individuals to gain insight into their health!  I love that alternative medicine treats a person as a whole, where doctor and patient work together to dig deeper to find the causes of illness and disease, rather than treating to just cover up the symptom.”                – Deanna

Deanna’s warmth and pure interest to serve will overcome you when you meet her. She has a giving heart, a loving attitude and is a perfectionist by nature. She has been in the driver’s seat for many businesses during her experienced administrative tenure and has found a perfect match to meet the needs of the patients of Enlighten while being surrounded by the desire to absorb the positive energy that functional medicine and chiropractic exude.

Deanna’s passion for functional medicine stemmed from a difficult past full of loss and pain. Her older sister died of leukemia at 21, her good friend died in a car accident while she was driving.  She was involved in 3 life-threatening car accidents with extended hospital stays, surgeries, stress and lots of physical therapy.  Later when married, she experienced fertility problems, an ectopic pregnancy, several more surgeries and lost a child when he was 2 months old due to a congenital heart defect. As a result of all this stress on her system, she had lingering pain, inflammation, headaches, digestive issues, anxiety and fatigue that left her feeling very frustrated! The doctors could not find any relief or answers to help her. They always wanted to treat the symptoms and not address the “why” of the symptoms. This is what led Deanna to her personal journey of finding answers, which took her down the path of alternative medicine, better nutrition, and chiropractic care.

Deanna feels if you choose to learn from difficulties in life, it can strengthen you and help to develop character and make you a better person. She knows most of her strength she gets is through Grace from God. Deanna is looking forward to continuing to learn, helping Dr. Emily, and getting to know all patients and being there for them during their life-changing health journeys.

Additional Fun Facts About Deanna:  She is a huge Cardinal fan! Walked on hot coals at Tony Robbins event. Put together a charity golf tournament for 9 years for Children’s Hospital in memoriam of the life of her infant son, Justin. She is proud to have raised thousands of dollars to support St. Louis Children’s Hospital by creating a foundation, Justincredible Gifts, that helps families at the hospital in their time of need. She is married, has 2 beautiful daughters and a black Labrador.

Kim Lebbing

Accountability Health Coach

From the time my daughter Charlotte was born, she had health problems. Eczema, allergies, and sinus infections were a regular part of life. I felt hopeless and lost on how to help her. My oldest daughter had ADHD and dyslexia, my youngest had extreme mood swings and it was difficult to go out in public because of his tantrums. I had a long list of my own autoimmune issues as well including seizures, migraines, anxiety, depression, and skin issues. None of us were absorbing our food and we all had digestive problems. Instinctively, I started researching how to improve our immune systems. Through the power of food and lifestyle changes, I was able to successfully transform my entire family’s health picture.

My kids are all thriving now. My oldest (the one who had dyslexia) was in Honor’s English this past year. Charlotte is the most loving and caring child and sincerely loves making a difference in the lives of others. Max is calmer than most kids his age and he LOVES vegetables.

When I graduated with my Health Coach Certification, I intuitively knew that I wanted to be a resource and guide to others who were experiencing the same struggles that our family experienced.

I love working with individuals to help them navigate the changes they need to make to experience more energy and spend time on the things they love instead of being sick. My mission is to help you establish sustainable changes that will not only improve your health so that you can live the life that you were designed to live.

In my spare time I love spending time with my family.  We love to go hiking, camping, biking, and anything outdoors.  Curling up with a book and nature walks are also something I have really grown to appreciate in the last few years. As a family, we love going on little weekend adventures all year round.

Amy Hadden

Patient Education and Communication Strategist

Amy is a real food enthusiast.  She is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (Candidate) enrolled in the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy with studies blending positive psychology, foundational functional medicine principles and health coaching.

After a decade as an educator in both public and private elementary schools, she now enjoys teaching others about the power of nutrition and environmental health.

Amy became a cheerleader for functional medicine after an enlightening experience with Dr. Emily in 2015. Quickly, she found herself engrossed in podcasts, books and articles highlighting the body’s innate ability to heal.

Her passion for restoration and optimal health through functional medicine quickly became necessity when her life was turned upside down by mysterious symptoms. The highly-driven multi-tasker was now an energy-zapped shell of a human. Unable to leave the couch each day, the thought of just putting on shoes brought her to tears. Life was daunting. Taking care of a small human seemed impossible and her dream of being a stay-at-home mom was now a nightmare. Her cognitive ability was severely affected as she forgot simple addition facts, basic words, and the names of people she had seen every Sunday at church for over five years. Nearly every system of her body seemed to be going haywire with symptoms affecting her hormones, brain, skin and more .

Questions were turned to costly answers when she realized her home was affecting her health. Water-damage in her house’s partially-finished basement brought chaetomium mold and a slew of problems.

A survivor of mold-related illness, Amy’s own personal faith has grown as a result of her challenges. She desires everyone who faces chronic health challenges to know there is hope in their darkest days. She wants all who desires a thriving life to know the role the food we eat and the thoughts we think play in the lives we live.

Interesting fact: Our office is hidden in a castle! Find us here.

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