Functional medicine seeks out root causes of illness in order to develop individualized treatment plans and bring the patient back to a state of health. It acknowledges that your human body is a complex of many interrelated parts and systems, and therefore all aspects of your medical history and lifestyle are relevant to your health. Rather than target symptoms and allow underlying problems to linger, the goal of your functional medicine practitioner is to restore true health to your whole body.

Because functional medicine goes deeper than many mainstream approaches in modern medicine, you can expect a different relationship with Dr. Emily. She will take a genuine interest in you as a whole person, respecting that you are unique in your history as well as your genetic makeup. Expect her to treat you with patience and attention during your visit, because getting to know you and your history is crucial to developing an effective treatment plan. In addition, functional medicine gets an even more detailed picture of your health through the use of cutting-edge diagnostic tools, including genetic testing. In functional medicine, the clinical relationship is about collaborating to develop an individualized treatment plan, because there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

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