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We would love to invite you to transform your health naturally and safely by working with Dr. Emily Hecker at EnlightenSTL. Dr. Emily Hecker is a Functional Medicine and MTHFR Expert with over 15 years of experience.

Working with Dr. Emily will allow you to:


Start thinking out the standard western-medical box


Implement a plan of action that will give you results


Look deeper into your health than you ever have before


Optimize your body’s function


Take control of your eating habits


Connect the dots to your health problems

Our Functional Medicine Process & Fees

Case Review

At this appointment, Dr. Emily will go over the initial form that you’ve already electronically submitted, review your health problems, discuss lab testing and determine your nutrition plan. Cost: $300/60 minutes

Test Review

At this appointment the lab test ordered and food journaling will be reviewed and you will get your personalized recommendations by Dr. Emily. Cost: $300/60 minutes

Follow up Appointment(s)

Continued follow-up appointments vary with each patient depending on the complexity of your case. Follow up appointments can be anywhere between 30-60 minutes at $100-$300 to continue to track progress, adjust supplements & discuss or review additional testing.

Specialty Workshops and Classes

We will be offering onsite & online specialty classes on occasion at Enlighten. Please read emails from us to see what we will be offering. Some of these specialized classes will have an additional fee to attend.

– MTHFR classes

– Nutrition classes

– Fasting classes

– Online Webinars

– Hypnotherapy & Functional Medicine Course

– Open Houses

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