Anti-Inflammatory Ketogenic Diet

Our Enlighten Anti-Inflammatory Ketogenic Program – Al Keto

In our specialized AI keto program, Dr. Emily coaches those who want to use a High Fat, Low Carb diet to achieve nutritional ketosis.  This particular diet is beneficial for those who want to address:


Fat Loss


Mitochondrial Support


Memory & Alzheimers Prevention


Blood Sugar Regulation

Did You Know?

When your body reaches ketosis it burns its own FAT for fuel instead of dietary glucose. Also known as Carbohydrates.

Dr. Emily’s Ketogenic Journey

My uterus had been pretty busy the past five years having babies. Along with the stresses of pregnancy, and learning how to parent, toddler boys 18 months apart, It has been my priority to get healthy. Being in the healthcare industry, I must lead by example! But I am human. I got caught up in life, sugar cravings, stress, a traveling husband, chocolate, guilt and plateauing with my weight and health.

I have worked in the health industry supporting those with autoimmune diseases using nutrition for the past decade. I was turning into one of my own patients and was having more food sensitivities after the birth of my second son. I was already paleo, gluten free, dairy free and legume free. The healthy almond meal I used to make morning protein muffins was bloating me, red wine was turning me into a clown with bright red cheeks, tight joints and headaches, sugar & the occasional gluten indulgence/binge was making the back of my head and fingers break out into tiny itchy bumps. I was falling apart!

When I experienced a ketogenic diet I found I had:

  • Energy improved
  • More restful, deep sleep
  • Tight hands & joints improved
  • Itchy skin decreased
  • Sugar cravings stopped
  • Fat loss

In ketosis, the body burns its own FAT for fuel instead of dietary glucose (carbohydrates).  I lost 50lbs, but more importantly, have eliminated excess estrogen, inflammation, and stress and added the power of knowing what foods cause me inflammation, a healthy outlook on life and energy.

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